Vonlane: luxury jet on wheel


I travel between Dallas and Houston a lot.  Normally I fly Southwest airline which has only about a 30 minute flight time; but with checkin, security and the usually standing in lines, I need to get to the airport at least 2 hour in advance. While waiting for my flight I had to find power plugs and Wifi. Sometimes the local weather, or even weather elsewhere, delays my flight making air travel, even for my relatively short hop, a total crap shoot. 

Enter Vonlane, a luxury bus alternative. Best way to describe Vonlane is that it is a private jet on wheel. The entire bus seats 20 with plush leather seating, easily accessible USB and AC power. Onboard Wifi and satellite TV are free, so is food and drinks. The restroom is large, clean and nice. As one would expect of a private jet, there is a friendly flight attendant.  In my 20 some rides so far, Vonlane’s on-time record is 100%, rain or shine.  The only trouble spot is access to multiple choices of rental car.  In most cases there is only one to two rental car choices near the bus stop. 

For me the choice is clear. When I travel to Dallas or Austin, I am taking Vonlane. 

(The above article is not a paid promotion, but expressed opinion of the author, and it does not necessarily reflect the position of his current and past employers, churches or any other association)

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