djay Pro: for the DJ wannabe


DJs must be control freaks.  When presented with a professional audio deck that has countless buttons, switches, knobs and sliders, DJs are able to manipulate musical experience and therefore emotions of the audience.  DJs make people move–and I like that–I must be a control freak too.

Recently I bought djay Pro for Mac with the hope that I can use it to move people.  I bought it on impulse, because it was too cool to ignore.  Maybe I need to act more like my age, but the kid in me wanted that toy.


djay Pro with dual deck

The software is easily downloadable through Mac app store for $49 USD.  The GUI has an excellent layout, with dual decks that can “scratch”, cross fade and match beats; and the media database seamless integrates with Spotify and iTune, giving me access to all the music in world.  With Spotify I now dare to take any music request on the spot!   At an additional $9 USD I also added the FX package that provided me 34 additional special effects that I have yet to be able to fully exploit.  The software also plays music videos, and visualizer that can change with the beats.  The video and visualizer can output to an external display in full HD over HDMI.  All  controls can be easily manipulated using the touchpad.  Another cool feature is that you can channel the song queued to play next to  your headset, while the playing deck outputs to the external speaker out (or HDMI output).  For karaoke and sing-along the software also allow the DJ to adjust the octave to match the sopranos, the bass, and the voice-challenged among us.

I love djay Pro; and now I need an excuse to throw a disco party.

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