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Okay, my name is really not Larrylisky, but Larry Li.   Larrylisky is my pen name, a term of endearment from my sister, best voiced in a thick Russian accent.  I am a geek, a technologist, a maker, with over 26 years of experience in machine vision, robotics, AI, digital audio, battery and solar power, touch and gesture.  I worked as an individual contributor and manager in both large and small teams; through it all, learned a few lessons on technology, business and leadership.  I mentor high school and college students and help incubate young entrepreneurs.

This blog is an eclectic collection of my personal experience, how-to’s, forward thinking and reflection.  I write to remember, to opine and to share.  A geek’s life is multifaceted, and that’s what I want my blog to reflect.  So, thank you for visiting, and enjoy!

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