Product Review: Tenda W311Mi USB Wireless Adaptor


tendaW311MiI recently purchased a TendaW311Mi wireless USB adaptor from Micro Center for a robot project. The sticker price was $19,99, but the register rang up $10.00; so I thought I got a steal!

According to the box, the adaptor  support Wireless N at 150Mbps.  It has a nice small footprint, great for interfacing to a BeagleBone Black (BBB), the CPU board that I was using.  Googling the web I found the driver for it is readily available for Ångström, the OS I am running on the BBB, so I thought I have a sure thing and happily paid it.

bbb_wifiAfter the required set up, following the instruction given here, I was able to get connection, though intermittent.  I checked my Net Gear router’s Attached Devices list, and saw BEAGLEBONE appeared and disappeared erratically.  Then I decided to ping BEAGLEBONE from my Linux box, and this is the result:

Screenshot from 2014-02-07 14:28:59As you can see, it took a long while before W311Mi locks and able to respond to ping, and the average time between ping is awfully long.  Then I stopped pinging a little while and restarted it.  This time W311Mi stopped responding altogether–essentially disconnected from the network.  If I keep on pinging it, W311Mi will continue responding indefinitely, acting as if it depends on a steady stream of incoming data to stay alive.

After trying this for several days with the same behaviour, I decided to abandon this device and go with another model. If you know of a good, reliable wireless USB dongle that works under Ångström, please send me your recommendation!

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