Dexterous Anthropomorphic Robotic Testbed


Sooner or later, everything old is new again.”  –Stephen King

Robotics, virtual reality and telepresence are experiencing renaissance of sort.  To many these are novel technology concepts; but to me, not so much, as I have been working them at NASA since the late 80’s.  What is new is that these technologies are now more affordable and accessible.

Not too long ago I found a video of my project, Dexterous Anthropomorphic Robotic Testbed (DART), from the NASA archive.  In this video I explained the thoughts behind the robot design, and demonstrated capabilities that are still quite advance today.  I thought I should share this video to offer people working in this field some historical perspectives.

It’s worth noting that DART gave birth to Robonaut, a project I started right before I left NASA for the private sector. Robonaut furthered the vision outlined in this video, and is still an active project at NASA.