Running OpenFrameworks on Ubuntu 16.04



OpenFrameworks (OF) is a powerful application programming framework portable across different popular operating systems.

Download and compile OF

# git openframeworks and submodules
git clone --recursively

# Load required libraries
cd OF/scripts/linux; ./

# Install dependencies
cd OF/scripts/linux/ubuntu
sudo ./

# Compile OF
cd OF/scripts/linux
./ -j3

# Compile Project Generator
cd OF/scripts/linux

Build OF examples

OF comes with many examples. To build them all, simply

cd OF/scripts/linux

Note: you may encounter error as I have, related to “undefined reference to `ofAppEGLWindow::Settings::Settings()'”, which I haven’t found a solution yet.
Instead doing a massive build, you may want to try build each individually:

cd OF/examples/graphics/polygonExample
cd bin

Working with QtCreator
To prepare OF to work with QtCreator, do the following:

cd OF/scripts/qtcreator

Now you can create new OF projects under QtCreator, as described by the video at the bottom of this tutorial.

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